Cake weighing 13 tons served at Baguio City mass wedding

The giant cake looming over the 43 couples at the mass wedding today. Photo courtesy of Leo Mercado.

A 13-ton cake — which contained 25,000 bananas and 1,500 litres of whipping cream — took centre stage at a mass wedding in Baguio City.

The colossal confection was served up as 43 couples tied the knot in a city mall today (Saturday, September 22).

The cake was a gift to the couples from the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) and was also to celebrate the Hotel and Restaurant Tourism (HRT) weekend.

The HRT weekend is an annual event of the HRAB, which aims to revitalize the tourism industry in the city. The event involves Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism students from various schools in the country competing in the different tourism trade skills.

The wedding cake, the third largest wedding cake presented by HRAB, was also shared with Typhoon Ompong evacuees.


The four-tiered cake featured banana, chocolate, carrot and vanilla flavours. It was created over five days by a group of 20 pastry chefs and 30 others led by Baguio Country Club executive pastry chef Arthur Nocaza.

HRAB spokesman Andrew Pinero said the first tier of the cake was served to the public at the mall, the second tier was given to the evacuees in Itogon, the third tier was divided among the 43 couples and the topmost layer was shared among all those who helped to bake it.

The ingredients in the preparation included 700 kilos of butter, 800 kilos of sugar, 18,000 eggs, 150 cans of evaporated milk, 30 sacks of all-purpose flour, 20 sacks of cake flour, 10 kilos of walnuts, 10 kilos of baking powder, 10 kilos baking soda, 50 kilos of cocoa powder, 25,000 bananas, 500 kilos of carrots, 10 cans of corn oil and 1,500 litres of whipping cream.

The total cost of the ingredients was 1,348,684 pesos.

City Social Welfare Officer Betty Fangasan said the event also marked the 24th year of the city’s ‘Kasalang Bayan’, which aims to legalise the bond between cohabiting couples.

Baguio mayor Mauricio Domogan officiated at the civil marriage ceremony.

Peter Paguerao, aged 52, and his wife Conception Kilayon, 55, the oldest couple to get married, told the Philippine News Agency that the secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage was to always trust each other and to settle arguments before going to bed. The two have been living together for 32 years and have six children.

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