Cab driver hangs himself after raping Japanese student in Baguio City

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Cab Driver Hangs Self After Raping Japanese Student in Baguio City –

A taxi driver committed suicide shortly after he raped a Japanese student at a lodging house in Baguio City.

Ferdinand S Pasuli, aged 26, of La Trinidad, Benguet, hung himself in the toilet of a hotel room at Nova Lodge in Baguio City.


Prior to the incident, the suspect raped his passenger, a 21-year-old Japanese student and resident of Benguet.    

A report on the incident showed that the young women and a male Japanese friend boarded the taxi at Red Lion Bar and asked the driver to take them to their respective homes.

The report noted that the driver offloaded the male passenger first at Gibraltar in Baguio. The girl was left inside the taxi and was to be taken to her home next.


Instead of bringing the women to her home, Pasuli stopped at several places and attempted to kiss and caress her, but his advancements were met with resistance.

The victim told police that Pasuli had a bladed weapon and managed to bring her to the lodging house where she was raped four times.

Several hours passed when the victim managed to escape the room and immediately reported what happened to the local police.

Police came to the room and found the suspect hanging lifeless from the ceiling.

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