Burglars clear out Swedish man’s home after changing door knob

Swedish National and Filipina Wife Lose Over 400,000 Pesos to Burglars in Cebu City – www.philippineslifestyle.com

A Swedish man and his Filipina wife lost more than 400,000 pesos worth of valuables to burglars who broke into to their rented home in Villalon Subdivision in Barangay Capital Site, Cebu City.

56-year-old Vesa Nyman sought the assistance of the Theft and Robbery Section of the Cebu City Police Department last Thursday to investigate the break-in.

Mr Nyman told police that the burglary took place sometime last week after they left the house last Tuesday afternoon.

An investigation into the incident shows that someone changed the doorknob. “Somebody saw the suspect changing the knob on Tuesday, but we are still confirming the burglar’s identities,” said police.

Taken in the burglary was a 40-inch flat-screen television, imported wines and frozen foods, shoes and bags, household carpets, kitchen utensils, books and book shelving, sofa set, electric toothbrush, cutlery, umbrellas, electrical wire, beauty kits, house decor and much more.


Police say that several CCTV cameras are nearby and may help solve the crime.