Bureau of Immigration orders deportation of ‘ladyboy killer’ Scott Pemberton

Bureau of Immigration Orders Deportation of Scott Pemberton – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has issued a deportation order against American Joseph Scott Pemberton.

The deportation notice is subject to the clearance from a Philippine court hearing on Pemberton’s murder trial relating to the of Jennifer Laude in October, 2014.

“Wherefore, we respondent Joseph Scott Pemberton, American national, to be an undesirable alien and order his deportation, subject to the issuance of a clearance from the Regional Trial Court, Branch 74, Olongapo City and other appropriate government agencies,” the resolution dated September 16 said.

Pemberton will also be part of the bureau’s ‘blacklist’ which will bar him from ever returning to the Philippines.

“It proves that he is indeed an undesirable alien arising from the killing of Jennifer. This notwithstanding, his deportation should be after he serves his sentence, if found guilty. Any contrary ruling will accord him with impunity,” said lawyer Harry Roque, who represented the Laudes family in the case.

The BI cited the testimonies of the Mark Clarence “Barbie” Gelviro before the Senate and Elias Galamos, cashier of the Celzone Lodge, Olongapo City, finding of probable cause by the City Prosecutor and issuance of arrest warrant by the Olongapo RTC.

“In deportation cases, even an iota of evidence showing that an alien is unfit to remain in the is sufficient. Considering all the attendant circumstances… is to our mind more than an iota of proof of his undesirability,” the resolution said.

The decision comes from the case filed by the BI’s Law Division against Pemberton for allegedly posing a risk to public interest – also known as a undesirable.

Pemberton has been on the BI’s ‘watchlist since October 2014.

Pemberton remains under arrest at the Mutual Defence Board – Security Engagement Board Facility in Camp Aquinaldo, Quezon City.

Many believe Pemberton will face life in prison for his part in the killing of Jennifer Laude, a capital offence.