Bulletproof vehicle saves Caloocan City prosecutor from ambush try

Bulletproof vehicle saves Caloocan City prosecutor from ambush try
Bulletproof vehicle saved the life of its driver, a Caloocan City prosecutor from ambush try, Tuesday. (Image from Manila Bulletin)

A chief prosecutor in Caloocan City survived an ambush attempt through his bulletproof vehicle, Tuesday afternoon.

Colonel Noel Flores, Caloocan City police chief, identified the victim as Chief Assistant Inquest Prosecutor Elmer Susano.


As per the initial reports, Susano just came from a restaurant near 9th Avenue at B. Serrano Street, East Gracepark, Caloocan City. He was riding his Toyota Hilux pick-up truck when four armed men surrounded his vehicle and fired bullets in his car.

The suspects peppered the driver’s seat window to target Susano, but they failed since the vehicle was bulletproof.

Susano quickly reversed his pick-up truck before speeding to EDSA. He even managed to hit one of the gunmen’s motorcycle.


The suspects on two motorcycles chased Susano but eventually gave up and flew from the scene. Susano escaped safely and immediately reported the incident to the police.

Police said the gunmen used short firearms for the ambush attempt. Investigators recovered 13 empty bullet shells of unknown gun caliber from the crime scene.

Caloocan City police chief Noel Flores said Susano received death threats before the incident.

“We are looking into the cases handled by Susano as possible motive behind the ambush,” he said.

Bulletproof vehicle

Because of the incident, advertisements selling bulletproof cars began to trend online.

High-profile businessmen, celebrities, politicians, and government officials would usually get bulletproof vehicles for their safety.

According to Wow Amazing, the most expensive armored vehicles in the world are the  Cadillac One “The Beast” and Kombat T98 which costs $1,500,000 or P78 million each.

The  Cadillac One “The Beast” (left) and Kombat T98 (right) are the most expensive armored cars in the world. (Image from Wow Amazing)