Brothers die while cleaning a well in La Union

Two siblings died after suffocating inside a well in Bacnotan, La Union, according to a Unang Balita report on Tuesday.

Freddie and Federico Espiloy thought of cleaning the well because they had difficulty with water.

Freddie allegedly went down first but asked for help because he could not breathe. Federico tried to save him, but he fell as he descended. The well is 70 feet deep.

Because the well was tight and deep, rescuing the siblings became difficult. Both were already dead when they were brought up.

Meanwhile, a 2-year-old child died after he fell into an old well in Mariveles, Bataan, on Monday.

According to the owner of the well in Barangay Alas-Asin, he called the boy’s father to repair and clean the canal in his rental house when the incident occurred.

Unfortunately, the child followed his father, and unfortunately, the son tripped on the old and fragile plywood cover of the well, which was 20 feet deep.

The father managed to get down to rescue the child, but even he struggled when he consciousness due to the heat, lack of air, and the pungent odor at the bottom of the well.

It took an hour before two of the rescue workers were caught.

The boy’s father is recovering now.

11-year-old boy dies of rabies

An 11-year-old man in Marilao, Bulacan, died of rabies. The victim allegedly kept it a secret from his parents that a dog bit him.

In a report by Cedric Castillo on News “24 Oras” on Monday, the victim was identified as Poul Amber Bantillo.

A few days before the child passed away, the family noticed that Poul was vomiting, could not and did not drink water, was anxious, and later had his jaw locked or stiffened.

But when they asked the boy, he still denied that a dog had bitten him.

Their suspicion was only confirmed when they took the victim to the hospital.

When admitted to the hospital, Poul was tied up because he went berserk, and an hour later, he passed away.

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