Brokenhearted man punches fellow passengers, damages jeepney

A man punched fellow passengers and even damaged a jeep in Caloocan City, Darlene Cay reported in Unang Balita on Monday.

Suspect Zaldy Buena allegedly broke the windshield of the jeep, removed both side mirrors, and broke the headlight in Bagong Silang, North Caloocan.

In addition, Buena allegedly punched some of his fellow passengers.

The incident took place this Sunday night, Valentine’s Day.

“Wala, talagang zero lang, problema sa pag-ibig, ganun. Walang ka-date eh,” said brokenhearted Buena in a precint.

(Nothing, it’s zero, just love problem. I don’t have a date.)

According to the driver of the jeep, Nestor Jasmin, Buena suddenly punched him, causing them to get off and barangay officials.

When the passengers got off, Buena allegedly took a pipe and hit the jeep.

Even though there are barangay officials, the suspect still continued to act violently.

The brokenhearted man, on the other hand, admitted that he drank and apologized to those he hurt. He also said that he was ready to pay for the treatment of their injuries.

Brokenhearted man punches fellow passengers, damages jeepney

The victims decided to file a complaint against the suspect.

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Among those who would celebrate Valentine’s Day, 45% would Go to church or attend religious services, 27% would Give gifts to their spouse or loved ones, 25% would Prepare special at home with their spouse or loved ones, and 11% would Send Valentine greetings through online or SMS.

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The latest percentage of those with a very happy love life is the lowest since the 49% in 2014.

On the other hand, the latest percentage of those with no love life is a new all-time high that surpassed the previous record of 14% in , 2017, and 2019.