Probe underway after British tourist found dead at Palawan guesthouse

British tourist
The Larmar guesthouse in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

A British tourist was found dead in a guesthouse room in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, after he failed to get up for breakfast.

Ben Guy, aged 28, had been staying at the Larmar Bed and Breakfast Inn in the city.


His body was discovered at 7.45am on Monday (February 4) by concerned staff after he failed to respond to a breakfast wake-up call.

According to a report in The Sun newspaper, receptionist Marilyn Serenso said: “There were no sounds inside so I peered through an open window and saw his body on the bed.”

Police were called and investigations are continuing. There has been no indication of any foul play.


Officers said that it did not appear as though the British tourist had been attacked or robbed as “all his belongings were intact”.

Staff at the guesthouse also called paramedics who could could do nothing to save the tourist as “his body was already stiff and cold”.

Despite there being no evidence of foul play, detective John Rey Halog said officers had sealed off the area as part of a crime scene investigation.

He said: “Police proceeded to the area and initiated contact with the British Embassy and requested crime scene investigation from the City Crime Laboratory Office.”

Police Inspector Rey Aron Elona said that there did not appear to be no foul play in tMr Guy’s death because his belongings were all “intact”.

He said: “There was no sign of a robbery or theft. All of the foreign national’s belongings and valuables seemed to be there. We will now try to establish the cause of death.

“We don’t believe it was foul play but we would still like to remove all possibilities.”

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: “We are in touch with the local authorities in the Philippines following the death of a British man.”

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