British man accused of stealing two televisions from Makati City supermarket

Michael Byers is accused of walking out of a supermarket with the two televisions on Saturday. Police say he was stopped at the exit by a who wanted to check his receipt. It is not clear if this was a routine check, or if the member of staff had prior reason to suspect a had taken place.

A British man has been arrested after he was accused of trying to shoplift two flat-screen televisions from supermarket in Makati City.

Chief Inspector Gideon Ines, Makati police’s assistant chief of operations, identified the suspect as Michael Byres. He told officers that he was currently living at an address in the city’s Barangay Olympia.

He was arrested at about 9.50pm on Saturday (February 23) after he carried two 12-inch flat-screen televisions out of a supermarket inside Barangay Bel-Air’s Jazz Mall.

When challenged at the entrance by a security guard, he was unable to produce a receipt for the items. The guard then called police.

It has not been confirmed whether it was a routine receipt check, or if the guard had a prior reason to suspect that a theft had taken place. 

According to a Filipino-language report in the Pilipina Star Ngayon, Byers said he had “only left his money”, but was prepared to pay for the two televisions.

The report reads: “Ayon sa guwardiya, napansin niya ang dayuhan na padaan sa exit ng supermarket na kanyang sinita. Nang hanapan ng resibo ng dala niyang mga telebisyon ay wala itong maipakita.

“Nangatwiran pa umano ang dayuhan na naiwanan lamang niya ang pera niya at handa namang bayaran ang mga items ngunit humingi na ng responde ang security ng supermarket at inaresto ang Briton.

The 32-year-old is now detained at Makati City Police Station facing a theft charge. 

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