Child abuser gets life in prison for filming perverted sex shows with toddlers

Dorset Police Image of David Shepherd, british pedophile jailed

A British pub landlord has been committed to prison for life over filming himself with children – some of them as young as 17 months – in the Philippines.

David Shepherd, aged 60, was arrested in November, 2015 and faced three separate trials: the first for offences committed in the Philippines; the second for possession of child pornography; and third for his online activities.

The judge in his trial described him as an “arrogant, manipulative and devious man with a deeply ingrained interest in children, whose ages were in single figures.”

Shepherd was caught with 20,211 indecent films and images of young children on his computer. He also made deals with Filipinos to help him come to the country to film himself having sex with children.

The judge handed down a 28-year sentence and told Shephard he would serve at least 14 years before being considered for parole.

Among the shocking details heard by the court, was that he had “directed” live shows of toddlers being sexually abused.

Investigations are continuing to identify his accomplices.