British paedophile who filmed rape of two-year-old Filipina jailed

British paedophile
Timothy Smith was shunned by his supermarket colleagues, who reportedly called him “The Fat Nonce With The Mail Order Bride”.

A British paedophile who travelled to the Philippines to film himself repeatedly raping a two-year-old girl has been jailed.

As we previously reported, Timothy Smith, aged 42, of Tunbridge Wells, last month admitted 16 charges relating to various child sex offences.


These included the sexual assault of another child and sharing thousands of indecent images and videos of children.

He was handed an extended sentence of 14 years with a minimum term of 10 years at Maidstone Crown Court today (Tuesday, December 19).

Judge Martin Joy told the former supermarket security guard: “There is no doubt you do pose a very great danger, a significant danger, to children.


“When arrested for these offences you said you had been committing offences for 10 years. You admitted, and even boasted, of sexual interest in children as young as two-years-old.”

Kent Police raided Smith’s Burslem Road home in November last year after detecting “suspicious online activity”.

Officers found more than 37,000 still images on his hard drive, with many classed as ‘category A’ — the most serious. He also had child abuse videos with a combined playback time of more than two days and nine hours.

During interrogation, he admitted a sexual interest in young children, describing it as “his thing”, and revealed he had been offending for a decade.

Kent Police said he admitted visiting the Philippines in 2015 to abuse the child.

Smith was convicted of:

• three counts of sexual assault of a child between August and November 2015

• three counts of distributing indecent images of children

• three counts of taking indecent images of children

• six counts of making indecent images of children

• one of sexual activity with a child in August 2013

Judge Joy branded Smith’s crimes “abhorrent” and said the abuse had a particularly devastating effect on one victim who later tried to kill herself.

The judge also expressed surprise Smith had been allowed out on bail and said it was “remarkable” that he had been cautioned in 1995 for sexual assault of a child under four years old.

Detective Constable Mark Bennett said: “Timothy Smith is an extremely dangerous individual who is now facing justice for his appalling actions.

“He has demonstrated little, if any, regard for the suffering of victims of these sickening crimes.

“I am delighted that again, an investigation into someone accessing indecent images has uncovered the truth of these offences — that they are real victims, suffering real abuse.”

Smith has been placed on the sex offenders register for life.

In a report by KentLive, it was revealed that Smith was obsessed by the supernatural and had founded a ghost hunting group. It also said was shunned by his work colleagues, who called him “The Fat Nonce With The Mail Order Bride”.