British man and local wife arrested for knife attack on woman who used well

Medellin cebu
British National and Pinay Wife Arrested in Knife Attack of Neighbor in Medellin, Cebu –

A British man and his Filipina wife were arrested and charged for attacking their neighbour who was taking water from their privately owned deep well in Sitio Sanggutan, Daanlungsod, Medellin.

24-year-old Maricel de la Cerna, sustained several stab wounds to different parts of her body. She told police that 42-year-old Molina Sprawson stabbed her at about 5pm on Wednesday.


De la Cerna said she was able to flee from Sprawson and ran into the house of a neighbour who happens to be a police officer.

A report says that Gary and Molina Sprawson arrived on board a motorcycle to the house where the policeman lived, entering without permission and tried to hit De la Cerna again with their motorcycle.

Molina, wife of the British man will be charged with attempted murder, while her husband Gary is being charged with trespassing before Bogo City Court.


Currently they are both being held at Medellin Police Station.

Police say that De la Cerna was walking when she met Molina, who suddenly pulled out a knife and attacked her. As De le Cerna was lying on the ground, she begged to know why she was being attacked.

Monline said that De la Cerna and her live-in partner constantly took water from their deep well despite being forewarned and banned from doing so.

De la Cerna was able to pull Molina down to the ground and she ran and hid at a grassy spot until Molina lost sight of her. That’s when she sprinted to the house of Marlon Villarin, a local police officer who then called for backup.

But minutes later, the Sprawsons arrived on their motorcycle and forcibly entered the property.

After police arrived on the scene, the Sprawson’s were arrested and brought to the local police station where they were locked up

De la Cerna was taken to a local hospital but was released shortly thereafter.

Police said a dry spell in the region was not to blame for the attack. The Sprawsons had been involved in quarrels with neighbors before. Two years ago the couple’s dog bit a neighbour.

The town mayor said: “It has always been the attitude of those who are from here to flock to wells which still have water whenever all others have dried up. People don’t deprive themselves of water. That’s called the Bayanihan Spirit. Foreigners don’t have that.”