British man killed by tourist riding elephant in Koh Samui, Thailand


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British National Killed by Tourist Riding Elephant in Koh Samui, Thailand –

A British man has been killed while touring Koh Samui, Thailand this past week.

36-year-old Gareth Crowe, was in Koh Samui with his 16-year-old daughter when the elephant they were riding on became violent.


The handler climbed down from the elephant to snap a photograph of the father-daughter duo riding the elephant, when the elephant refused to listen to him.

The handler then began to strike the animal several times – the elephant responded by stabbing the man with his tusk. But that was just the beginning of trouble for the tragic event.

The elephant then threw the British father and daughter off of its back, and then trampled him, stabbing him in the chest with one of his tusks – killing him instantly.


Officials said the elephant then rant into the forest, leaving the teen with only minor injuries. Sources say she is now being treated in a local hospital.

Crowe was in Thailand with his children and life-partner, Catherine Hughes. She responded by saying: “We were all here on holiday. My son and I didn’t go on the elephants. I’ve been given no information as to what happened or how it happened. Eilidh is OK but I don’t know exactly what happened.”

Surat Thani provincial governor Wongsiri Phromchana said an investigation would be launched into the incident.

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