British man extradited from Philippines to face UK drug charges

NBI escorting Halliday as He is Returned to the UK to Serve a 10 Year Sentence – Photo: ABS-CBN News –

A British drug convict who was arrested in Taguig City last month for dealing drugs in the UK will be the first to be deported under a new PH-UK treaty signed by the two countries.

The drug dealer is identified as John Halliday, who was arrested by Interpol Division of the NBI on Janary 23rd of this year.


Halliday went into hiding in the Philippines after being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the UK in December of 2013.

The NBI said Halliday was part of a drug syndicate selling class B drugs (party drugs) in the UK. The drugs he sold came from countries such as China and India.

Detective Constable John Greenwood said Halliday, along with around 20 other members of the syndicate, sold drugs on the streets of UK, where a gram of a party drug typically costs £20 to £30.


Halliday, who refused to comment on his case and his arrest, is the first to be arrested under the extradition treaty between the Philippines and UK.

Mendez said the NBI is still verifying if some other British nationals involved in the drug trade are also in the country.