British man arrested for cyberporn after photographing women

British man arrested for cyberporn
52-year-old Wade Lloyd Allsopp in custody. Picture via Cebu Daily News

A British man was arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Cebu for allegedly producing cyberporn yesterday.

52-year-old Wade Lloyd Allsopp was arrested inside one of the rooms he rented at a hotel in Cebu City.


Authorities arrested Allsopp in the company of seven women from various cities, including Iloilo, Bacolod and Cebu.

NBI agents said the hotel was under surveillance for the past two week due to reports that Allsopp was recruiting, and exposing the women to cyberpornography.

In the raid, NBI agents recovered two laptops and two digital cameras that contained nude photos of the women who were caught in the room upon the foreigner’s arrest.


Allsopp is accused of taking nude photos of women and selling them to his customers abroad via the Internet.

Police said when they barged into his room, they discovered one of the women half naked. An investigation into the matter also showed that the British man also had sex with several of the women.

Agents for NBI said Allsopp is facing charges of Republic Act 9208 (the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003), Republic Act 9262 (the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act), as well as Republic Act 10175 (the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012).

The women involved in the cyberporn raid claimed to be all above 18-years-old. The women’s ages are still under investigation and they will all be treated as victims. The seven women are presently being interviewed to understand the depth of Allsopp’s operations in and around Cebu.

Allsopp told reporters that he arrived in Cebu just a week ago for a holiday. He told Cebu Daily News that “I came here to have a good time, not to exploit women. There are many bad guys out there, and I’m not one of them.’

The British national went on to say he is a retired finance officer from the UK and described the cyberporn allegations against him as “unfounded.”

He went on to say “I have no intention of getting money from the girls. Instead, I want to help them succeed in life and have a decent future.”

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