British man accused of theft after Korean leaves his bag at airport

British man
A screen shot of the airport CCTV showing the unidentified British man leaving with the Korean’s bag. Picture via GMA News.

A British man has been accused of stealing a Korean businessman’s bag after he left it at Manila airport.

According to a report on GMA News, Michael Kim accidentally left his bag on a luggage cart before leaving the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Inside were a laptop, documents and about half a million pesos in cash.


Following several hours of searching and checking CCTV footage, they identified a man picking up the bag and departing by taxi.

After checking the airport’s taxi records, they were able to trace the bag to the British man’s home in an upmarket subdivision in Makati.

The unnamed suspect denies deliberately stealing the bag, claiming that he picked it up by mistake, thinking it was his.


However, investigating officers say they are doubtful about the man’s version of events. Aldref Manuel, of the Manila International Airport Authority, said the suspect had enough time to return to the bag to the airport before he was tracked down by police.

The Korean businessman has since heaped praise on the airport police’s quick action and the assistance he received from other members of staff.

In an interview with GMA News [see below], Mr Kim said: “I lost my bag at around one o’clock. I came back to the airport at about 2.30.

“We were there until 10.30, 11 o’clock, after going from one department’s CCTV to another department. The last department’s guys were the ones that were very, very helpful.

“Yeah, I was totally amazed. I didn’t realise that there is such police officers like that in this country.”

It has not been confirmed if the British suspect has been charged or detained, but police have confirmed that his local barangay officials have been informed of the allegations against him.