British fraudster joins his brother by being deported from the Philippines

British fraudster brothers
Jared William , left, who was arrested last week, and his brother Calvin Jason , who was kicked out of the Philippines last year.

Immigration agents have arrested a British man wanted in the UK for internet fraud — a year after deporting his younger brother. 

Jared William Ainsworth, aged 31, was apprehended at a mall in Taguig City on Thursday (July 25).


The arrest comes a little over a year since his brother, Calvin Jason Ainsworth, 25, was detained by the Bureau of Immigration’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) at his home in Banawa, Cebu City. As we reported in June 2018, the younger Ainsworth brother was also wanted in the UK for online fraud.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said the bureau was now preparing to deport Ainsworth, who is currently being held at the BI’s Bicutan detention centre.

“We will be deporting him immediately as we already issued an order for his deportation a year ago for being an undesirable alien,” Mr Morente said.


The Ainsworth brothers reportedly fled to the Philippines in September 2015 after they were released on bail by a UK court. According to the older Ainsworth’s Facebook profile, however, he claims that he moved to Manila in January 2016.

FSU chief Bobby Raquepo said the Ainsworth brothers continued to profit from their racket during their stay in the Philippines.

They allegedly sold non-existent goods via the internet and pocketed payments made by their victims.

They would use plausible stories about why they were selling hi-tech gadgets at bargain prices. For example, one of the gang pretended to be deaf and said he needed to raise money for his guide dog that was dying of cancer. 

These funds were then send to the siblings via money transfers from accomplices in the UK.

The British embassy in Manila confirmed that a British court had convicted the Ainsworth brothers for “large-scale fraud by false representation” in violation of the British Fraud Act of 2006.

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