Bread with ‘marijuana stuffing’ seized in Pasig

Bread with 'marijuana stuffing' seized in Pasig
Bread with ‘marijuana stuffing’ seized in Pasig (Image from ABS-CBN News)

Barangay officials seized sachet marijuana stuffed in a bread that was to be shipped to Malabon from Pasig.

The marijuana was discovered after a courier service rider reported that he was delivering a shipment from Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City.

The rider said he got suspicious of the delivery because he thought why would someone ship a loaf bread from Pasig to Malabon when one can easily buy from a nearby bakery.

The booking fee is also more expensive than the one loaf bread the sender wanted to deliver to Malabon.

As a result, the rider asked the barangay kagawads to check the package, and there they discovered that the bread has marijuana stuffing on it.

Pasig Police are investigating the case and now looking for the people involved in its delivery, including the sender and the recipient of the package.

The courier service, on the other hand, urged the public not to use them in illegal transactions such as selling drugs.

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Drug pusher in Taguig shout

A 27-year-old man was killed while his accomplice was arrested in a buy-bust operation by Southern Police District (SPD) operatives that led to a in Taguig City, yesterday.

The suspect, Kevin Jake C. Espiritu, alias Kevin/Duday, businessman and a resident of Brgy. Brgy. Palingon, Taguig City, was declared -on- at Taguig-Pateros District Hospital. His accomplice Louie Jo S. Ong, alias Ong, 28, resident of Taguig City, was also arrested.

Police seized 100 grams of shabu worth P680,000; a gun loaded with ammunition; a Suzuki Raider Motorcycle and a Honda Civic from the suspects.

According to a report, around 4:00 pm yesterday, a poseur-buyer met with a suspect in the parking lot of Ususan, Taguig City. At the same time, the enforcers of the District Drug Enforcement Unit, District Intelligence of SPD Division, and Taguig Police Station 6 stood by.

The suspects who are aboard the Honda Civic allegedly sensed they were transacting with the police after they closed the deal.

Espiritu tried to escape, and fire shots at the approaching police, which lead to an exchanged of gun fires and pursuit, which reached Lot 5 Orioles Bend, Bay Breeze Executive Subdivision, Brgy. Hagonoy, Taguig.

Police cornered the suspects and arrested Ong while Espiritu was rushed to the hospital but died.

On the verification, the two suspects were on the drug watchlist for distributing illegal drugs in Taguig and nearby areas.