Brazilian woman arrested with five kilos of cocaine at Manila’s NAIA airport

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Brazilian Woman Arrested with 5 Kilos of Cocaine at NAIA – (photo courtesy of NBI)

Airport security arrested a Brazilian woman who was allegedly caught with five kilos of high-grade at the Ninoy International Airport (NAIA).

Yasmin Silva (age not disclosed) was arrested as she arrived at the airport at 5.30pm. The woman is said to be from Sao Paulo and arrived on an Emirates flight number 332 from Dubai.

Silva was arrested after the US Drug Enforcement Agency tipped off NAIA security about the suspect and the large amount of drugs she was travelling with.

The suspect was let through immigration until she claimed her luggage which contained the cocaine – sources say that the US had informed the Philippines of her travel itinerary just hours before her arrest.

Sources say it was Silva’s first trip to the Philippines – and most likely her last.