Boy killed by Stray dogs

Boy killed by Stray dogs
1-Year-Old Boy Killed By Pack of Dogs in Zamboanga City – (photo by )

An 11-year-old boy was attacked by a pack of stray dogs in the town of Mampang, Zamboanga on Tuesday.

The boy was identified by authorities as Berson Arabani. He was taking a bath in a mangrove area when the dogs appeared and attacked without warning.

Berson and his two friends were able to run when the dogs first attacked, however, while running one boy tripped and Berson turned back to help him and was caught by the dogs.

Berson’s mother heard the commotion and went to the mangrove area the boys were in, but she said it was too late, her son was lifeless when she arrived.

A police report on the incident told a slightly different story when the two other boys told police that they were throwing stones at the dogs.

Villagers tried to capture the dogs but were unsuccessful.