Boy dies after being choked by candy

A four-year-old boy in Baybay, Leyte died after swallowing jelly candy that stuck in his throat.

In a report on GTV “Balitanghali” on Monday, it was said that the child’s grandfather tried to get the candy from the grandson’s throat but he failed.

So they rushed the child to the hospital but they were not given medical attention immediately because there was no doctor.

The boy was transferred to another hospital but they waited for more than an hour before the ambulance arrived.

Upon arrival at the second hospital, the boy had to be tested for COVID-19 as part of the protocol.

According to the expert, the Heimlich maneuver or pushing up the abdomen of a person should be done as first for someone who was choking.

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Student burns beside their school

Authorities found the burned body of a 63-year-old teacher in Sto Domingo, Nueva Ecija. The victim was allegedly beaten on the head with a plank of wood and burned by his former student.

In a report by Marjorie Padua on GMA Regional TV “Balitang Amianan” on Monday, the victim was identified as Rolando dela Cruz, a resident of San Alejandro Quezon in the said province.

His burnt body was found just on the side of San Pascual Elementary School.

The suspect, Joebert Camrot, 20, of Barangay San Pascual, surrendered to the authorities, allegedly feeling guilty for what he did.

During the investigation by the authorities, it appeared that Camrot was playing with his cellphone when the allegedly drunk Dela Cruz arrived and hit the suspect on his nape.

In Camrot’s anger, he took a plank of wood and hit the victim on the head.

Following this, Camrot took dried leaves from the side of the school and then set them on fire with the victim’s body.

The suspect allegedly told a relative about the crime he committed and advised him to surrender to the authorities.

The suspect, who is facing a complaint, refused to give a statement. They are still trying to get the side of the victim’s relative.