2-year-old boy dead after being electrocuted when he inserted spoon into extension cord

A two-year-old boy died in Quezon City on Friday after being electrocuted after inserting a spoon into the .

The victim was identified as Jake Angara, who only had his birthday on February 7, as reported by Mai Bermudez in GMA News’ Unang Balita on Tuesday.

According to the ’s mother Eloisa Acay Angara, the child asked for milk so she mixed it.

She said she put the spoon in a high place so that the child could not reach it.

“Nu’ng time na bubuksan ko na ‘yung ano, ‘yung pintuan, may pumutok. Kinabahan ako, pero akala ko may nalaglag lang,” said Eloisa.

“Napasigaw ang asawa ko. Ang sabi niya, ‘Bem, si Jake, na-ground!'” she said.

Jake reached for the spoon and plugged it into the extension cord.

They immediately rushed the boy to the where he tried to revive but he also died.

“Sana hindi ko na lang siya iniwan. Sana hinawakan ko na lang siya. Sana inalagaan ko na lang siya sa baba,” said Eloisa.

Jake is said to be sweet, obedient, and intelligent, his relatives said.

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2-year-old boy dead after being electrocuted when he inserted spoon into extension cord

According to Joe Zaldarriaga, spokesperson of Meralco, it is dangerous to insert anything into the extension cord or power outlet.

“Maaari talagang maaksidente ‘pag iyan ay kinalikot o mayroong object na baka na-insert o kaya iyong daliri inilagay mismo doon sa opening ng outlet,” he said

“Kung maaari po siguro to make sure na safe po iyan, ilayo po natin ‘yung ating mga na maliit doon sa access ng mga outlet,” Zaldarriaga added.

It is advisable to remove the extension cord immediately after use. Safety devices are also available to cover electrical outlets.

“Make sure this is of high quality and consult an electrician before you do anything related to electrical safety in your homes,” said Zaldarriaga.

Jake’s family is asking for financial help for his funeral.