Body of dead child found at Australian sex offender’s house in Surigao City


The horrific story of Australian Peter Scully unfolds as Surigao City Police make a gruesome discovery at his former home in the city.

Scully was arrested this weekend in Malaybalay City for cybesex crimes stringing numerous countries, but the most recent discovery of his past has caught many by surprise.

Based on information from Scully’s former live-in partner, Liezel Magallo, the suspect ‘accidently’ killed one of his victims in July 2013. The skeletal remains have been uncovered in Scully’s old home’s concrete floor near the septic tank.

Scully allegedly brought the victim from Cagayan de Oro to Surigao City in April of 2013 – the details of the crime have not been fully disclosed until further investigation into the gruesome crime is completed. As of now the remains from a girl known as  “Baby” is that of a 12-year-old girl.

Scully has been charged so far with 7 counts of rape, and is believed to be involved in a large production of pornographic material on the internet – so far police have identified 8 of Scully’s victims, including the one discovered in Surigao City just yesterday.

Scully will most likely face human trafficking and murder in recent light of this new development – his ex-live in partner may also face the same charges.