Never, ever post photos of your boarding pass to social media


boarding pass
Never even think about posting photographs of your boarding pass on social media – no matter how much you want to show off about your upcoming adventure.

Most Filipinos like to take ‘selfies’, but those who take photos of their flight boarding pass should think again.

If you post such a photo online you could being posting sensitive private information without knowing it.


The bar-code of an airline ticket contains many hidden pieces of information, but not too hidden for those who know the tricks of the trade.

The data revealed includes the traveller’s origin, destination, frequent flyer number and their first and last names.

All it takes for a modern-day thief to access it is to quickly visit a free online bar-code reader.


The frequent flyer number that is  seen on the bar-code can be used to access someone’s account and potentially alter the traveller’s itinerary.

Sorry to say, Instagram, Facebook and many other social media outlets are filled with people holding their passports along with their boarding passes with the information exposed to the world.

So before you pull out that camera before boarding a plane – think about who might see your information and help themselves to ruining your next get away.

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