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Turkish foreign minister’s wife among victims of thieving Manila airport staff

Airport authorities were unusually quick to react when it was discovered the vicim of thieving staff was the Turkish foreign minister’s wife

Thieving staff at Manila airport have been caught out after they targeted the wife of the Turkish foreign minister who had been attending this week’s Asean meeting.

Four baggage staff were arrested yesterday (Wednesday April 9) for stealing expensive jewellery from the wife of Mevlut Cavusoglu at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Also this week, a Filipina ‘netizen’ called Jho Cabagyo revealed that her locked bags had been broken into and thousands of pesos in cash stolen.

Her report on Facebook has now gone viral, with nearly 5,000 comments and 30,000 shares.

Miss Cabagyo said that when she complained to staff about the theft they were reluctant to help — until she went public with the incident.

The airport has announced it is now investigating the incident.

Searches of workers’ lockers after the Turkish minister reported the theft turned up a number of gold rings, pearl earrings and a gold bracelet with diamonds.

Also discovered was a small sachet of shabu.

Airport spokeswoman Connie Bungag said the four suspects confessed they stole the items.

“The owner is Madame Hulya Cavusoglu, wife of the Turkish foreign minister who departed via Turkish Airline flight on 04 August 2017,” she said.

“The access pass privilege of the suspects have been canceled by the MIAA and their names have been placed in our Stop List.”

The men have been named as Yves Ronald Baguion, Wilson Mataganas, John Andews Racoma and a suspect identified only as ‘Alfaro’.

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  1. Trevor Gordon | August 11, 2017 at 3:55 pm | Reply

    If the 4 suspects worked for the airport, how can the only have the name ‘alfaro’? If ‘Alfaro’ does not work for the airport, what was he doing there?
    Why does this keep happening and seemingly ‘nothing’ is done about it unless the victim is high-profile?

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