Bishop stabbed but fought suspect and took himself to hospital

Although bloody from the stab wounds, a bishop in La Trinidad, Benguet was able to fight the culprit to get the knife. He also took himself to the hospital.

In a report by Joan Ponsoy on GMA Regional TV “Balitang Amianan” on Wednesday, Bishop Julian Mangida can be seen in the cellphone video while wrestling with the suspect.

Mangida was already bleeding due to stab wounds to various parts of his body.

When Mangida had time, he managed to knock the suspect down on the street and other people helped to get the knife.

Following this, the weak Mangida walked away to take himself to the hospital.

During the police investigation, it appeared that Mangida and the suspect were riding in a jeep when the suspect suddenly stabbed the victim.

The Bishop pushed the suspect out of the vehicle and there they wrestled until the suspect was defeated.

Mangida was safe from danger while the suspect claimed he has depression.

He said he did not know the bishop and apologized for what he had done.

Man shot dead in Bulacan

Even though he survived the first burst of gunfire, the culprits on the motorcycle still did not leave their victim until they killed him in Malolos, Bulacan.

According to the GMA News Feed, footage of Brgy. Panasahan captured a helmeted man to get off his motorcycle.

A few moments later, the victim, who was also riding a motorcycle, identified as Arnulfo Tolin, passed by.

The suspect immediately aimed and shot Tolin who continued to move and did not appear to be hit.

But just a few meters away, another suspect was waiting for Tolin and shot him again.

But they did not knock down the victim who continued to run his motorcycle.

The two suspects also rode their motorcycle and chased Tolin.

The two allegedly caught up with Tolin in a vacant lot and this is where the victim’s life ended.

The police investigation revealed that the victim was renting vans as a business.

Police are still investigating the possible motives of the perpetrators, as well as their identities.

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