Bisexual American, 61, arrested for uploading sex videos

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Lee David Colglazier arrested at his residence in Bacolod. (NBI picture)

A 61-year-old American has been arrested for uploading videos of himself having sex with men and women onto the internet.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents arrested Lee David Colglazier at his residence in Bacolod city yesterday (Friday, May 12).


The suspect, who who has lived in the Philippines under tourist visas for two years, was caught out after a prostitute complained to police.

The city’s NBI chief Renoir Baldovino said a woman sought their help last month after she found out that Colglazier uploaded videos of them having sex online without her consent.

She told investigating officers that she’d been paid about 1,000 pesos to have sex with him on several occasions.


Following this complaint, Baldovino said they kept the suspect under surveillance for some weeks.

Then, armed with a search warrant, NBI agents raided the suspect’s house and confiscated his laptop and cellphone, which contained multiple videos of him having sex with multiple partners, both men and women.

According to Baldovino, Colglazier told officers that uploading sex videos was not a crime in the USA. “I told him that ignorant of the law excuses no one. Here in the Philippines, it is a crime,” he said.

The suspect, who is now detained at the city’s NBI office, will be charged with violating the anti-trafficking in persons act 2003 and the anti-photo and video voyeurism act 2012.