Bill on ‘judiciary marshalls’ passed Senate’s 2nd reading

The bill that would create an office for “judiciary marshalls” to focus on incidents of murder and other crimes against members of the judiciary passed Tuesday’s second reading in the Senate.

Senator Richard Gordon’s bill for amendments to it was approved in the plenary session of the Senate.

Under Senate Bill No. 1947, it plans to create its own office for judiciary marshalls following the recorded of Supreme Court justices, lawyers, and other court personnel.

The questioning focused on Section 5 of Gordon’s bill.

According to Section 5, members of the judiciary marshalls will be given “primary jurisdiction” in conducting investigations into crimes and other similar incidents against justices and court personnel.

“The Judiciary Marshal shall have primary jurisdiction to undertake investigations of crimes and other offenses committed against justices, judges, court officials and personnel, halls of justices, courthouses, and other court properties,” based on Section 5.

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa wants to amend this section to maintain the “separation of powers” ​​in the branches of government.

Dela Rosa, a former chief, fears that if such a provision is breached, the investigation of cases involving justices and other judiciary members will be compromised.

Bill on ‘judiciary marshalls’ passed Senate’s 2nd reading

“The official judicial marshalls should not be granted the primary jurisdiction to conduct (investigation) over crimes and offenses committed against justices, judges, and other court personnel,” said Dela Rosa.

“This is clearly an executive function and should not be encroached upon by the judiciary unless such investigation will fall on the administrative supervision of the Supreme Court,” he added.

But explained that the said provision is only intended to strengthen the power of judiciary marshalls in conducting its investigations and said it does not eliminate the ongoing cooperation between the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation.

Finally, lawmakers agreed to remove the word “primary” in section 5, replacing it with the terms “concurrent with the law enforcement agency.”

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