Notorious ‘big-leg beggar’ thrown off flight due to Thai travel ban

big-leg beggar
A photograph shared by Benjamin Holst onto his Facebook page yesterday after being refused entry onto a flight to Laos, via Bangkok

Notorious “big-leg beggar” Benjamin Holst has been refused entry onto a Thai Airways flight to Laos via Bangkok.

Sharing his frustration on Facebook yesterday (Tuesday, September 12), the German wrote: “Trouble whit Thai airways ): f**k Thai airways.” [sic]


He has since caught a flight to Seoul, South Korea, where has already shared pictures of a lavish meal and pole-dancing bar.

It is not known whether he plans to visit the Philippines during his current tour of Southeast Asia.

Holst uses his grotesquely deformed leg to trick kind-hearted people into funding a lifestyle of constant travel and partying.


As we have previously reported, he first hit the headlines in 2014 when he claimed to be stranded in Thailand without a passport. A local charitable fund gave him about $1,500 and other well-wishers also donated.

He then travelled to Pattaya, where he blew the cash on food, drink and bargirls.

After sharing boastful posts on his Facebook page, his story went viral and he was deported and blacklisted from returning to Thailand.

big-lg beggar
Benjamin Holst in action. He often claims to have lost his passport to gain extra sympathy

Big-leg beggar not welcome

It was this ban that prevented him touching down in the country yesterday, even for a flight transfer.

Holst suffers from a rare form of gigantism called macrodystrophia lipomatosa. This has caused his left leg to swell severely, earning his big-leg beggar nickname.

Although it looks painful and debilitating, he has no mobility problems and it does not affect his general health.

In May 2015, he visited the Philippines, staying in upmarket hotels in Manila in Angeles City. He then moved on to Indonesia.

Soon after police arrested and deported him as he partied with girls using the money he got from panhandling.

He has also been barred from Singapore for begging.

Far from showing any shame about his activities, he seems to revel in what he calls his “work”, regularly boasting of the glamorous side of his double life to his near 5,000 followers on Facebook.