Biazon opposed new road barricade set up by Bantag in NBP

Muntinlupa Representative Ruffy lashed out at Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director general Gerald Bantag for the new barrier wall built on the road that is part of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) Reservation.

In a statement on Tuesday, said that what BuCor is doing is wrong and unfair without any consultation with local officials and is greatly affecting the residents of Muntinlupa.

“Not only are his actions irrational and unlawful, but they are also eroding the relationship between BuCor and the people and local of Muntinlupa,” the congressman said.

“It is unfortunate that Director General Bantag has decided to order the construction of another wall, this time blocking access to and from Type B in the NBP Reservation, when we are still in the middle of talks regarding the wall they built along Insular Prison Road in March,” he added.

Biazon insisted Bantag repeated his tactic of not talking to local officials as he did when he built a barrier wall on Insular Prison Road.

“This is the Insular Road incident all over again where no proper coordination whatsoever was made with the City Government of Muntinlupa and the barangay prior to the implementation of the order from BuCor,” the solon said.

Biazon opposed new road barricade set up by Bantag in NBP

“And just like the first wall they built, this wall is also illegal and is a nuisance as defined by Article 694 of the Civil Code for obstructing and interfering with the free passage of a public street,” he added.

Because of what BuCor is doing, Biazon said the “safety, security, and health” of the affected residents who lose the right to the road built for public use is at stake.

According to the congressman, apart from making the walls of Bantag difficult for people to travel, it can also interfere with emergencies such as the response of the police or firefighters.

Biazon allegedly informed Justice Secretary of the new wall built by Bantag.

According to the lawmaker, Gueverra apologized for BuCor’s lack of interaction with local officials.

BuCor is under management.

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