BI pushes for 100% vaccination for frontline personnel

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) said that they are pushing for the of all its frontline personnel.

According to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, the BI’s Medical Section disclosed that a total of 1875 employees have been inoculated already by both the agency’s drive, as well as through local government units.

“This is a good sign, that we have gone beyond the 50% mark in vaccinations. We are endeavoring to inoculate all our personnel, especially those assigned in the frontlines, as our way of protecting the transacting public from this virus,” said Morente.

BI Deputy Commissioner Aldwin Alegre, who heads the BI’s Task Force Against Covid-19, shared that the BI has been very active in its drive.

“We’ve had drives in our head office, catering to those in the National Capital Region,” said Alegre. “Those assigned in provincial offices have partnered with local government units for their vaccine,” he added.

Records reveal that more than 500 BI employees have already contracted the Covid-19 virus since the pandemic began last year.

Morente shared that while majority of those infected have already recovered, at least four fatalities have been reported amongst their ranks.

BI pushes for 100% for frontline personnel

“We mourn the loss of our colleagues who succumbed to this virus,” said Morente. “We pray that together we may be able to surpass this unseen adversary that we are facing,” he stated.

He stated that while challenging, BI personnel remain committed in the performance of their daily duties. “We take extra precaution to ensure the safety of our personnel,” said Morente. “We have tasked all the Division Chiefs to strictly monitor health protocols in their respective divisions. We remain committed to our sworn duty to protect our borders, despite this pandemic,” he added.

It was learned that the bulk of BI employees struck by the virus, totaling 200, are assigned at the airports while 197 of them are reporting at the main office in Intramuros, Manila.

“Even as the number of employees still fighting the virus has dwindled, we are strongly encouraging the unvaccinated in our rank and file to get inoculated as soon as possible for their protection,” Morente shared.

“We also remind our employees to continue to strictly observe minimum health protocols not only in the workplace but in their homes as well,” Morente added.

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