Best Verified Holistic Medicine Apps To Try At Home

Holistic medicine targets all of you and now there are verified holistic medicine to help you get that experience at home. While modern medicine targets specific organs or ailments of our body, holistic medicine doesn’t just function on the symptomatic body organ. 

It takes a whole body approach to help with healing. And these days the generation is looking for answers from this kind of holistic approach. A 1998 study showed that the use of alternative medicine in the USA had risen from 33.8% in 1990 to 42.1% in 1997. 

Witnessing the demand for this sector, the marketplace sprung to supply the service in the form of many healthcare apps. These apps take a mind and body approach to wellness and we’ve dug up the best of them for you. Up next, we’ve got details on some of the best holistic apps for you to try. 

Best Verified Holistic Medicine Apps To Try At Home

Herbs Encyclopedia

Herbs Encyclopedia is the most all-encompassing herb encyclopedia out there in the form of an app. It’s specially curated for herb lovers who believe in the healing power of nature. The application documents all the medicinal herbs and plants out there with their medicinal names like allium sativum is the name for garlic. 

Not just this, it elaborates on these herbs by laying down not just their benefits but also the side effects, if any. This app also has a list of and vegetables displaying their distinguished uses and features. 

Numerous natural treatments also constitute a major section of this app featuring home remedies for hair fall, oily scalp, etc. Lastly, Herbs Encyclopedia also encompasses a list of all the dangerous herbs that you would steer clear of.   

The app is free and is available on the Android smartphone for a healthier

Alternative Medicine  

This app lists down alternative medicine from A to Z with some names you may not have even heard of. Alternative Medicine has everything from aromatherapy to yoga to Ayurveda to bestow the best healing medicinal practices spread throughout the world. 

Alternative Medicine has detailed information on each type of alternative medicine including origin, history, and finally, the benefits as well as whether or not it has been proved effective. This app can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones. 


This app was engineered to promulgate mental health services and become a tool to aid in deep and restorative sleep. HelloMind also helps you combat bad and weight gain problems which directly affect your self-esteem.

Using Result Driven Hypnosis (RDH), this app attempts to attack the root of the problem which troubles you. It has different categories like a Booster for confidence, sleep, etc which has 10 sessions each for extensive healing and conscious action. 

HelloMind also keeps a track of your progress with questions like “how enthusiastic have you felt?” which you can answer with quantitative terms like moderately, extremely, etc. This app can be downloaded for iOS and is initially free but can be upgraded for more features. 

Home Remedies 

This app is your 101 guide for 100% natural home remedies and cures for common ailments. These remedies are inexpensive as well as constitute easily accessible home ingredients, catering for long term health. 

Home Remedies have a list of at least 100 most common ailments like athlete’s foot, acne, allergy, and more. If your ailment doesn’t fall under this list, you can directly write to Home Remedies. 

If you’ve acne, you can find home remedies using orange peel, cinnamon powder, etc on it alongside the benefits of the products. Moreover, you can also gawk at frequently asked questions posted by other users and draw help from their experience as well. 

If you’re a professional or if you have an original home remedy, you can also post that to spread awareness. You can tread on a path of healing with this app which can be downloaded for free on Android devices. 


The Bottom Line

Ever since digital has become the norm, the rabble wants access to all kinds of information from the comfort of their couch. This is why apps that explore the arena of holistic and alternative medicine are becoming more popular as they allow a quick fix from home.