Best Cafes to Visit in Baguio Cuddle Weather

Best Cafes to Visit in Baguio Cuddle Weather (Image from Where To, Baguio?)
Best Cafes to Visit in Baguio Cuddle Weather (Image from Where To, Baguio?)

Where are the best cafes to visit in Baguio cuddle weather? Here we give you the top five most affordable, lovely, and coolest places to stay warm and cuddle with your loved ones.

4 Best Cafes to Visit in Baguio Cuddle Weather

1. Arca’s Yard

Located in 777 Tiptop, Ambuklao Rd, Baguio City, this family home is warm and cozy. Enjoy the mountain view in their balcony while taking a sip of their best-selling Cloud tea and sweet Camote Pie. You can also spend time reading at the restaurants mini-library and art museum located at its basement. For inquiries, you may contact them at (074) 442-9706. No reservations required!

2. Cafe Sabel

If you are into arts such as paintings, sculptures, and sketches and good food, Cafe Sabel is the perfect place for you. It is located inside BenCab Museum. The cafe’s name is named after Sabel who is a homeless woman BenCab used to always see outside his home. BenCab also used Sabel as the subject of his paintings. Cafe Sabel overlooks the mountain and duck pond. Cafe Sabel is known for its freshly prepared meals by Chef  Mike Liwag. You may call them at (074) 442-7165.

3.  Oh My Gulay

This is for the vegetarians out there. The father of Independent films Kidlat Tahimik owns Oh My Gulay. Located at the heart of Session Road, Oh My Gulay offers warmth through its cabin in the forest design. They serve meals from fresh ingredients like Lumpia Salad, Pasta Mestizo, and their famous Oh My Gulay Brown Rice. The restaurant also advocates support to local artists and hosts exhibits.

4. Cafe by the Ruins

Many artists were saddened when the cafe burned in 2017. However, it indeed rose from its ruins and re-opened last year. Its original facade was restored and came back to serving local artists and tourists once again. Though it has now a modern look, Cafe by the Ruins still offers the same best and food in town like Chocolate de Agua, Kesong Puti Plate, and Tita Susie’s Crispy Tapa.