Best at-home Physics Projects to Try with Your Kids

Science is the father of all inventions, and the future of technology on our planet is in the little hands of your children. Studies show that you never forget things you learn in your formative years. The journey for a successful career in science starts early.

But just don’t cut it. Your child has to be passionate about science to learn about it. And initial fascination needs to be present for passion to be born.

Doing science projects with your kids is thus an excellent way to lure them towards a subject many consider boring. Science is fun, and everyone who believes otherwise perhaps just has not been able to explore it enough. 

So, jump on the science wagon and start learning the wonders of physics with the help of these cool projects.

Best at-home Physics Projects to Try with Your Kids

The energy marbles

This fun and straightforward activity demonstrates the transfer of energy between objects. Energy is the ability to do work and is transferred from one object to another. You need a long ruler and three marbles to carry out this project.

Step 1: All you have to do in this experiment is to place the ruler on a horizontal plane like a table or floor.

Step 2: Place three marbles in the middle of the scale. Now ask your kids what will happen if you flick the first marble. The answer you will most probably get is that the middle marble will start moving.

Step 3: Now use your middle finger and thumb to flick the first marble at one end. To your kids’ surprise, the marble at the other end will start moving with the middle marble still at rest.

You can now explain the reason behind this uncanny incident with the help of physics. Congratulations! Now your children know how potential and kinetic energy works.

Paper airplane launcher

Your kid could be a pilot in the making. Airplanes are fascinating; they are both a tool for mischief and an excellent lesson on aerodynamics.

A paper airplane launcher is a perfect way to take their thrill to the new level. For this activity, you will need this equipment like-

  • A scrap board
  • Two same-sized rectangular pieces of wood
  • Wood glue
  • Two big nails
  • A hammer
  • A rubber band
  • A paperclip
  • Pliers

Step 1: Use the hammer to drive the two nails on the scrap board. Place the pins parallel to the edge of the board.

Step 2: Use the wood glue to attach the two wooden blocks to the bottom of the board below the area you’ve hammered the nails. This will give your launcher an elevated angle.

Step 3: Extend the rubber band and put it over the two nails.

Step 4: Use the pliers to open the paperclip into a wire. Punch a hole in the nose of your plane. Then insert the paperclip wire in the hole and bend it downwards, creating a hook.

Your airplane launcher is now ready for action. Hook the paperclip in the rubber bands, pull back, and release. Look how far your plane is going!


The balloon pinwheel project

Newton’s third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The balloon pinwheel device is an excellent demonstration of this law. The pinwheel works by blowing the balloon and then releasing it.

A gush of air comes out of the balloon through a straw with a heavy force, which pushes the air outside, causing the pinwheel to spin.

You will need tools like straw, a pencil with an eraser attached to its bottom, a straight pin, duct tape, and a deflated balloon to execute this project.

Step 1: Cover one end of the straw with the mouth of the balloon. Secure it with several layers of duct tape to make it airtight.

Step 2: Use the straight pin to attach the straw to the pencil. Do this by driving the pin through the straw and then the pencil eraser. Make sure you attach the straw at a balance point so that the straw is in a horizontal position without support.

Step 3: Blow air into the straw and inflate the balloon.

Step 4: Release the straw. Your homemade pinwheel is now ready for your children to play with.