Best Apps To Track Your Junk Food Intake


Junk foods might make our tongue dance but they destroy our body so you should track your junk food and there are apps that can help. Junk foods usually have little to no nutrient value. On the inverse, they are anti-nutrients and should be avoided. 

But still, we willingly eat junk foods because they are unarguably tasty and ready to be eaten. We are so habituated with it that the taste buds begin to trouble us if we do not get those sultry fatty tastes. But how do we know that we are just rightly consuming junk foods?

The answer is keeping a food journal, but you do not always carry a pen and paper, do you? Therefore, why not let your smartphone do the work for you. The next 5 apps will let you keep a journal of your daily meals so you can figure out how much junk you’re eating. 

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See How You Eat (Android, iOS)

See How You Eat is basically a food diary that lets you keep a log of everything that you eat in the day. Rather than typing your whole day’s food intakes, the app lets you snap the photo of each meal and snack. Just as the name suggests, this app literally lets you see how you eat. 

The app is built with the belief that seeing what you eat can help you check what you are eating and make more positive dietary changes as well. The app also includes a reminder option that alerts you during your regular meal times. 

MealLogger (Android, iOS)

Whether we are on a diet or aim to live a healthy life, junk foods are always bad for us. With MealLogger you can simply take photographs of your entire food intake, from breakfast to launch, dinner, and in-between meal snacks. 

The app also allows you to connect with a dietician, nutritionist or fitness trainer for feedback and support. MealLogger is very easy to use – just snap a picture, add a bit of text and nutrient values, and you are done. 

MealLogger lets you know how you are doing meal by meal, and how many servings you need to eat for the day. 

YouAte ( Beta, iOS)

YouAte is the food diary app that comes closest to efficiently document food experiences. Similar to other apps on the list, the app asks you to take photos of whatever you eat throughout the day. 

For each photo, you also add the reason why you ate them like whether it was your hunger or a craving, or it was your regular meal. The journal app is developed with an idea that you can obtain a clear visual of whether or not you are eating healthy or not. 

When you use it regularly, YouAte can grow to become an outstanding way to look at the food choices you make and the reason why you choose them. 

My Food Diary 

Another great app to record the meals and snacks that you have had throughout the day is My Food Diary. The app is useful for anyone who likes to snap-and-post a journal or keep it more traditional by maintaining a typed journal

Once you record whatever you ate for the entire day, the app also helps you to monitor your eating habits constructed on different charts and reports prepared by the app. You can join the app through the web with a free trial of 7 days followed by a subscription of $9 per month.

Rise Up (Android, iOS)

Rise Up is a must-have app to aid you in a journey to recover yourself from eating unhealthy. With the help of Rise Up, you can not only keep a log of the food items but also your mood (how you were feeling when you ate) which allows you to manage both your mind and body. 

The app is quite simple to use, you just have to enter your daily routine meals and what you eat in between. The best thing about the app is that it shows great motivational quotes and poems that drive you to build positivity inside.

Best Apps To Track Your Junk Food Intake

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a log of your food has just got way easier. Whether you are an Instagram-inspired individual who likes to click pictures of what you eat or a traditional record keeper, keeping a log of your food intakes has become more handy, modern and of enjoyable.