Discover the Best Apps for Reading Books

Most book lovers prefer physical books but having the ability to purchase eBooks to read on the go is definitely a godsend. Whether you are on the bus or in line somewhere, you can simply take out your phone or reader, then continue where you left off.

These digital books are also great for acquiring copies of books, which do not have physical copies available near you. This way, you can read the work you are interested in digital form, while you wait to get your hands on the actual material.

If you are a love to read and you want to start building your digital book collection, you might be looking for the best apps to download. To know which are the best, read on to more about them.

Discover the Best Apps for Reading Books


Amazon Kindle App

The Amazon Kindle app is a great resource, especially as it offers more than 6 million book titles across various genres, including science fiction, romance, self-help non-fiction, and many more. An unlimited subscription gives you more books to access.

The best thing about this application is that it lets you customize your reading experience. You can adjust the font size, type, and face, as well as margins, alignment, and orientation. Moreover, it has a built-in dictionary, which makes sit easier to look up unfamiliar words.

Aside from books, Amazon Kindle also carries a catalog of audiobooks, magazines, and comics. This is free to download, but you need to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited which costs $9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial

If you want to get a dedicated device for reading, then Amazon Kindle e-Readers are your best bet. Your subscription will work with this device.

Kobo Books – eBooks and Audiobooks

Like Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books offers a great option for book lovers. It caries more than 5 million titles for every type of genre. You can discover through browsing or simply look at Kobo’s curated collections. You can also get recommendations based on your lists.

To make sure that you get the most out of this app, you can personalize the reader to suit your preferences. Text, style, and orientation are available for you to customize. If you like reading at night, you can protect your eyes by going into Night Mode.

This application lets you access books for free, so you can start reading right away. However, there are exclusive and paid titles that can cost as low as $1.99. To find the best works for you, then simply browse Kobo’s offerings. You can also purchase using gift cards.

Aside from books, you can also to audiobooks using this application. There is a separate subscription for audiobooks, though.


Discover the Best Apps for Reading Books


As a book lover, you are probably familiar with libraries. OverDrive gives you access to catalogs of more than 40,000 libraries across the globe, giving you the chance to check out various digital titles made available globally.

You will be glad to know that you can use this application for free. However, keep in mind that you will need a valid account with a participating library, school, or institution

When you use this app, you can borrow and read available titles without worrying about late fees. The application automatically returns the eBook on the due date, which means that it is impossible for you to incur late fees.


Reading apps can definitely satisfy any book lover’s need for written content to consume. With these applications, you can start building your digital collection and read anytime you want, wherever you are. So, make sure to check them out today.