Best Apps For Editing Funny Pictures On Your Phone

Life can get boring, but a great sense of humor always comes to the rescue so why not use apps for editing funny pictures on your phone and bring your humor to the world. You might spend hours browsing through the internet and laughing on memes and funny pictures. 

With some apps you can create your own. You can make cool memes or flaunt crazy filters to make your friends laugh uncontrollably. And the best part is that editing funny pictures does not require pro-level experience with or Corel. 

These apps let you add special effects and funny antics to your photos. You can swap your gender, grow a beard, become a Cinderella or HO HO HO like Santa Claus. If that got you all up, here’s a list of useful apps for editing funny pictures.



InstaRage is the perfect app to add life to your pictures with funny antics. The app lets you use different filters and meme editing tools for your photos. You can choose more than 480 popular meme stickers using simple and intuitive controls. InstaRage also has various tools to add texts and overlays to your pictures. 

Availability: Available on iOS 9.1 or later versions

Price: Free

Epica 2

Epica 2 is a creative camera app that morphs your pictures into funny faces. The app has really cool filters and special effects that can change your avatars in seconds. From wicked magicians and paladins to cute bunnies, you can add a myriad of new scenes and poses to your pictures. 

Epica 2 has more than 5 million users and is among the top 10 funny editing apps in 20 countries. Download Epica 2 and challenge your friends with funky hairstyles and hilarious wizards.

Availability: Available on iOS 8 and later versions

Price: Free

YouCam Fun

Make your Christmas cheerful by turning into Santa Claus or mimic your favourite celebrity. YouCam is one of the best apps to create funny pictures or edit the existing ones. Moreover, you can also shoot videos with real-time filters and motion stickers to have crazy fun with your pals. 

YouCam also has realistic AR filters that can morph you into a Disney princess or prince. The live stickers include hairstyles, animal faces, and costumes that will tickle your bones. What’s more? You can add frames, backgrounds, light leaks, grunge, and scratches to your funny pictures.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: Free


This app is all about changing facial impressions to create funny pictures. You will cool filters that can change your age, expressions, and even gender. Getting a macho moustache or highlighting your hair with new colours, FaceApp does it all. 

You can also beautify your selfies with Hollywood filters and get perfect makeup. The app also lets you experiment with chic tattoos and AI-suggested styles.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free

PicTouch 25+ Fun Tools

PicTouch is one of the best funny picture editing apps for creative smartphone users. It’s basically a complete photography app that also has amazing fun effects. The app comes with a collage maker that lets you add up to 28 photos at one time. 

You can add a tinge of humour with funny live stickers, moustaches, tattoos, and visual effects. You can also try different eyeglasses, body shapes, hairstyles, and clothes to look funky. Moreover, you also get a plethora of editing tools like rotate, focus, blur, and crop to give a professional edge to your photos.

Availability: Available on iOS devices

Price: Free


PhotoGrid is a personal favorite for its versatility and unique features. This app is your one-stop destination for all photo editing tools – from collages to slideshows, and to memes. There are thousands of funny picture templates in which you simply need to add your photos. 

Besides the common tools like stickers and filters, PhotoGrid also has many meme fonts, face-clippers, and collage frames.

Availability: Available on Android devices

Price: Free

Best Apps For Editing Funny Pictures On Your Phone

The Bottom Line

Download the app you loved the most and let your creativity take over. We suggest you experiment with different features and pair them up with your own ideas. You’ll soon become that awesome friend in your circle who never fails to crack everyone up.