How To Get Health Benefits With The Mercury Drug Citi Card

The Citibank of the Philippines made a partnership with Mercury Drug Company and the country’s top hospitals to introduce a new co-branded Mercury Drug City Card. You can use this card to pay for services at various hospitals.

The card offers a 10% rebate and discount on various services offered at these hospitals. Also, the four partner hospitals have a 60% ownership of the card which means that they are well vested in its success.

The various discounts include inpatient pharmacy purchases, hospital bills, and laboratory services, among many others. Therefore, they are committed to giving their customers the best in terms of health benefits.

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Features Of The Mercury Drug Card

This card has many features that any customer would love to see on a credit card, especially one that has been made for healthcare.

On top of their many discounts, the Drug City Credit Card also offers a free physical check-up package each year from the Healthway Medical Center.

As a customer, you can earn discounts on all purchases made if you charge more than 10,000 pesos from the partner health centers to the card.

Further, you can also earn the 10% discount on purchases made using the card which includes grocery shopping, gas, restaurant payments, etc.

For every 250 pesos, you spend you earn an automatic credit for the next purchase you will make at any of the Mercury Drug Store outlets nationwide. This drug store retailer has an 83% share of the market.

Eligibility Requirements For The Mercury Drug Card

  • Customer type – You must be a resident Filipino individual or a Resident foreigner.
  • Employment status – You should either be employed in the Private Sector or the Government. You can also be a professional or self-employed but have an income that can help pay for the card.
  • Minimum annual income – You must be earning at least PHP 250,000 to be eligible for the Mercury Drug City Card.
  • Age – For eligibility, one must be between 21 and 65 years old.

Fees And Charges To Consider

  • Annual fee – The card charges an annual fee of PHP 2,000.
  • Cash Advance – You can qualify for a cash advance of PHP 500.00 which is repaid at a 3% rate.
  • Late payment fees – If you are late, you will be charged PHP 850.00 or the amount of the unpaid minimum due, whichever one is lower.
  • Card replacement fee – If you happen to lose your card, the charge is PHP 400.00 for each card.
  • Copy of sales draft – When you request a copy of sales, there is a PHP 250.00 charge for each transaction slip you request.
  • Over limit fee – The over the limit fee, which is charged when you exceed the limit on the card is PHP 750.00.

Main Features Of The Mercury Drug Card

Zero Monthly Fees

This card lets you enjoy zero monthly fees. You get to enjoy up to 36 months, with the City Paylite Installment plan using the Mercury Drug City Card, which is such a great deal.


Using the card gives you 15% off at Don Henrico’s. However, this will only happen if you spend more than PHP 1,500.00 and the promotion will end on April 30, 2020.

Cashback And Rebates

You will get a 10% rebate on Mercury Drug Purchases. In addition, you get a 10% discount on all bills paid at the four participating hospitals.

Additionally, there is a 0.25% discount on all other purchases that are made outside of a Mercury Drug and other non-participating hospitals when you use the card.


Using the Mercury Drug City Card at Crimson Filinvest City, in Manila will guarantee you 60% off on all published room rates.

Balance Transfers

In addition, the Mercury City Card comes with a feature that gives you flexibility tenor when doing balance transfers for up to 60 months.

Other Exciting Benefits Of The Mercury Drug Card

  • You earn one point for every PHP 200 you spend with your card anywhere, except drugstores that are not Mercury.
  • Cardholders will earn 5X points on all Mercury Drug purchases if you spend up to PHP 320,000 on drugs each month. If you do not achieve the amount, you still get to enjoy the one point rate.
  • You will get 3X points on beauty, health and wellness purchases, and this includes spas, clinics, gyms, and salons. Also included in this deal are all hospitals.
  • For foreign currency transactions, you will get 3X points on everything.
  • You also get a 24/7 free ambulance service on all emergencies with Lifeline once a year. This should be within the Metro Manila area.
  • All these points do not have an expiry date.
  • Cardholders will get preferential access to wellness and health events with exclusive offers.

Contact Bank

If you have more questions about this credit card offer, you can call Citi Bank directly at (632) 8995-9999. In addition, you have visit their main office at 34th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634.

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As a Mercury Drug Citi Card cardholder, you can redeem these points against your bill statements at 1 peso for each point.

However, one thing is for sure, with all of these benefits, this is bound to become the revolutionary new card for everyone in the Philippines.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.