Two Frenchmen arrested after base jumping from building in Cebu City

base jumping

Two Frenchmen have been arrested after base jumping off of a tall building in Cebu – landing in a Filipino jail cell for trespassing.

Youtube sensation David Laffargue and his friend Nathan Pertusat were arrested sometime late last year and were featured on Skydive Magazine on January 6.

base jumping

The video showed the duo jumping from a building in Cebu City – the video also showed the two inside a jail cell where they were held for trespassing.

Laffargue said in the video “Urban base jumping is like that: sometimes you’re a ninja, sometimes you run fast… and sometimes you end up in a shity cell!”

He went on to say: “We got busted on a building in the Philippines and got charged with trespassing, which is a criminal offence there. They took that shit super seriously, and despite what you can see in the video, I was really scared.

“Anyway, thanks to Elaina, the legendary girlfriend of Nathan, we got out of there pretty quick without troubles, and we managed to get some fun videos of our ‘home!'” he added.

Information on the web noted that the jump took place in Cebu City but did not reveal the exact location.

In the video, Laffargue added “it was not the nicest cell I’ve seen so far.”

He also said they managed to take some videos inside the jail and also took home a “souvenir”, their mugshots.

The video of the jail cell can shows where they were locked up inside a typical filthy hole in the wall, where Laffargue used his shoe as a pillow to prop his head on.

Pertusat noted that the duo met a few friends in the next jail cell by them, so there is a bit of a bright side to the news.

“Goodbye Philippines! It was a pleasure to jump your buildings and enjoy your beaches!” said Laffargue on Instagram.

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