Bangladeshi to be caned in Singapore for molesting Filipina maid

The caning technique in is brutally effective and excruciatingly painful.

A Bangladeshi man in has been sentenced to eight months in prison and three strokes of the cane for molesting a Filipina maid.

In the early hours of May 27, unemployed migrant Hosan Daluar went to the Marina Bay Sands casino, and wandered around before leaving.

While outside, he saw the 29-year-old maid sleeping on a park bench. Her boyfriend, also asleep, had his arms wrapped around her.

While the Filipina and her partner were sleeping, Daluar inserted his hands into her shorts and groped her over her underwear.

The suspect then tried to run away but was caught by the Marina Bay Sands Police, thanks to observant security manager Teo Mui Boon.

Mr Boon said he had been suspicious of Daluar’s motives because he had not been gambling. In fact, he noticed that the Bangladeshi just wandered around sitting close to other women at the casino.

District Judge Ng Peng Hong handed Daluar the sentence. Previously, Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai had stated that the Filipina was vulnerable at the time of the attack, adding that there was a “high degree of molestation with an intrusion of privacy”.

Bangladeshi not the first

Daluar isn’t first man to be caned in for messing with a Filipina maid.

In March last year, we reported how a court sentenced a senior security specialist to 11 months in and three strokes of the cane for repeatedly molesting his own domestic helper.

permanent resident Jacob Kumar Ross B Isaac Ross, 40, was sentenced after admitting to two of four charges of molestation.

Ross began touching and hugging his 30-year-old employee not long after she began working for the Malaysian and his wife about 18 months previously, The Straits Times  reported.

After months of unwelcome advances, the Filipina finally told his wife, who took her to the police station to make a formal complaint.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling said the harassment would have continued “were it not for the victim’s initiative in taking steps to report this matter to her agent and the accused’s wife”.

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