Balut Island: Proof volcanos bring forth beauty, not just destruction

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The Beauty of Balut in the Sarangani Group of Islands off the Coast of Mindanao – Photo by Len Jingco

Balut Island is just one of the Sarangani chain, which were created by volcanic eruptions.

Balut Island is also known to many as Sanguil and can be found 13 kilometers off the main coast of Mindanao, separated by the Sarangani Strait.

Balut Volcano is situated in the very center of this group of islands. This historic volcano has no recorded eruptions but was wrongly blamed for a massive eruption in the Fifteenth Century which affected a large area of Mindanao. Later it was discovered that another volcano some 85km north was to blame for the destructive explosion.

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Balut Island Looking Onto the Main Port – Photo by Marcelo Jingco

The island has a maximum elevation of 2,828ft – making it a favourite destination for hikers. From the famous Ten-Seventy-Hill to the top of an unnamed volcano, the islands are outstanding even from a distance. 

To visit the islands, depart from the dock of General Santos City or from nearby Glan.

Surrounding the islands are some beautiful corals rich with aquatic life.

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Some of the caves that are part of the island of Balut, off the Coast of General Santos City
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Stunning Image of the Caves Around Balut and the group of Sarangani Island, off the coast of Mindanao

Several resorts and hostels can be found throughout the islands, but mainly on Balut. Many are fronted by  beaches but others have to make do with rock-ash. The hot springs are in fact too hot to use, however the spot is very kept and worth a visit. 

Getting to the islands from General Santos City takes about four hours. There are no scheduled services so organising a trip should be done so in advance, but if you’re prepared to wait for a day or two, you can find a boat when you arrive in the city.

A Look Back at the island of Mindanao from Balut Island Philippines

Boat trips to Balut cost up to 400 peso per person per way. Overnight stays in resorts range from 500-2,000 pesos. For island hopping, a private boat can be rented for anything between 2,000-6,000 pesos, depending on the size of boat and itinerary.

Balut Island Hot Spring
One of the Several Hot Springs around the group of islands in Sarangani and Balut


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