Baltimore man arrested for ordering online abuse of Filipino children



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American National Arrested for Purchasing Child Porn From PH Supplier –

A Baltimore man has been arrested and charged with trafficking in child pornography.


The charges stem from the discovery that he paid women in the Philippines to send him images of young girls engaged in sexual acts.

Federal authorities arrested 65-year-old Louis Francis Bradley and charged him with distribution and receipt of possession of child pornography.

If convicted, Bradley faces up to 60-years behind bars for both counts against him.


Federal prosecutors in the case say they believe Bradley contacted women in the Philippines over the internet and paid them to send images of young girls in explicit sexual acts.

The criminal complaint said that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a tip that eight images had been uploaded to Google+, that account was linked to Bradley.

Louis Francis Bradley – photo by the Maryland Sex Offender Registry

Armed with several search warrants, authorities swooped into to arrest Bradley and search his social media and email accounts.

Investigators found numerous Facebook conversations with women in the Philippines about buying images involving child pornography.

Police say that Bradley also sent child pornography to the Philippines from his home in Baltimore.

So far no word on who is linked to Bradley and who sold images to him.

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