Prosecutors reveal sickening details of pilot’s child abuse to block bail bid

Frank Maile has been granted bail, despite bid by federal prosecutors to block his release. Picture via Facebook.

Federal prosecutors seeking to block an alleged child abuser’s application have revealed shocking new details of the case.

As we reported earlier this month, former US Air Force pilot Frank W Maile is on trial accused of creating videos of two underage Filipino girls performing sex acts.

The 62-year-old, of New Egypt, appeared in court in Trenton, New Jersey, charged with one count of producing visual depictions of child sexual abuse outside the US, with the intent that the depictions be imported into the US.

Now, following an application for bail, prosecutors have claimed he may have victimised as many as 50 underage girls and boys in the Philippines and other countries.

According to The Trentonian, the accusation was made public in court records challenging a judge’s decision to let Maile out on $500,000 bail.

In the filing, prosecutors also recounted sickening details of the alleged sexual abuse of two sisters in the Philippines, organised by a local pimp. 

They said Maile asked for videos of one 10-year-old and demanded that she take birth control pills. He told the pimp he wanted to “f—k her in her school dress next time”.

In another conversation in December 2014, Maile allegedly wrote to the pimp: “She can f—k now?” The pimp responded, “Yes, only in the a—.”

Other conversations showed Maile growing “impatient” in pursuit of the underage girl allegedly asking the pimp, “What are you waiting for? She 10+ years already.”

His attorney Jerome Ballarotto said: “It’s hard to defend his conduct. I don’t have any interest in a 13-year-old. I don’t have any interest in an 18-year-old at my age. But, you know, it’s interesting. The United States thinks it can impose its standard on the rest of the world.”

Prosecutors painted Maile as a man of means, with more than a half-million in cash in the bank and his own plane he could use to abscond to the Philippines — where he has a long-term girlfriend and a home in Angeles City.

They also said his “degree of technological sophistication” and the $600,000 he reported having in the bank made him a flight risk and “danger to the community”.

However, despite this, Maile will be freed this week, his attorney confirmed, after agreeing to conditions requiring him to find an apartment in Mercer County where he’ll be on house arrest and subject to random checks. He also gave up his passport, pilot’s licence and keys to his plane.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Ballarotto said. “He’s staying to fight these charges.”

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