Baguio police arrest Italian woman who thought marijuana plants were herbs


Police have arrested an Italian was who is suspected of growing marijuana plants on her veranda in Baguio City.

Authorities did not release the name of the woman but said they confiscated six potted marijuana plants after ‘concerned citizens’ tipped them off.


The Italian told police that she was told that the plants were Lagundi, a medicinal plant used to treat asthma and coughs.

screen shot of marijuana plants baguio city
Baguio City Police Arrest Female Italian Expat for Mistaken Marijuana Plants –

She told police: “They were give to me by an Igorrot lady and said it’s medicinal and she said it’s Lagundi, and suddenly these people [are] telling me it’s not.”

The suspect’s son and some friends were also arrested in the raid. Police say the were drinking alcohol mixed with marijuana.


The woman, along with her son and their friends, are now under arrest and being held in the custody of the Baguio City Police Office Station #3.

Police say they will charge the group with violation of Republic Act 9165 (the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002).

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