How To Learn A New Language With The Babbel Language App

Learning a new language is like entering a whole new world, and the Babbel language can help transport you there. It doesn’t matter which language it is, the has the ability to help you learn and speak as though you were a native speaker yourself.

If you love the sound of foreign languages, you are not alone. There is something so sensual about foreign languages that make most people wish they could speak them. Well, with the Babbel app, you can.

This is a German-based subscription learning that you can download on your phone to learn a new language. It is available in 14 languages including French and Italian and German. Up next we’re going to tell you about everything you need to know to use this app.


How To Learn A New Language With The Babbel Language App
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What Will I Find On The Babbel Language App?

You will need to buy a subscription to use the app, and it can be found on both IOS and Android devices. There are many different learning categories on the like Beginner, Intermediate, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

You can also find idioms, tongue-twisters, colloquialisms, and sayings. They have developed their learning concept in-house with a large team of more than 100 linguists and educators. Their courses are usually aimed at specific audiences like Marketing English.

In 2017, the ’s owners announced a partnership The Cambridge English Language Assessment so they can create a low-cost English test to be done online. The test is for beginning and intermediate students to check their listening and reading skills.

Each test features 70 questions from a bank of more than 100 options. They reflect on real-life communicative situations and includes some radio broadcasts and recordings of conversations for listening tasks.

Does It Really Work?

The app is backed by researchers from Yale University who conducted a study of Babbel language app users. And 100% of the people who were used in the study were able to improve their proficiency in a new language in just 3 months.

Michigan State University researched the app and found that 96% of learners got better test results on their vocabulary and grammar tests after using the app, while 73% of them became better speakers of the new language.

The PC Magazine said that Babbel Language app far exceeds expectations while Fast Company called Babbel one of the most innovative companies in education.

How Does It Work?

Their language experts built each course and tailor-made it according to the native language. Whether you want to learn Turkish, Polish, Russian, German, Portuguese, etc, you can learn quickly and effectively.

The bite-sized lessons – they have structures small lesson plans that are also interactive and fit perfectly into your busy schedules. Each lesson takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. You can also find a language for any situation such as work, everyday life, travel, and many more.

That means that the reason for learning the language is factored into the lesson plan. If you are moving to Spain and want to learn Spanish, they’ve got you covered, if you are on business traveling to France, they’ve got you covered there too.

How Does The Babbel Language App Work?

Teaching style

The app allows you to listen, to speak, to write and to read. When you practice all of these elements of learning a new language, speaking it in real-life conversations make it easy for you, and in time, you find yourself well-versed in the new tongue.

Improving your pronunciation

If you want to sound like a true native, then this app does that for you. Their speech recognition technology is well designed for you to speak the native of each of their fourteen languages.

Remembering what you learned

They have an inbuilt review feature that helps you remember the lessons you did in the previous sessions and stick with it.

Context learning

They enhance your language learning with plenty of tips and tricks that shall guide you through all the lessons.

Plenty of language courses

The app has got more than 60,000 lessons for you to use in your learning process. This includes the in-depth context in each language and the ability to apply all of the skills you have got through the conversation sessions.

How To Learn A New Language With The Babbel Language App
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Babel Language App Conclusion

With Babbel, you can be right on your way to mastering any new language you are interested in, and you can apply it to real-life conversations with plenty of confidence.

The app features fourteen languages. The languages are Dutch, English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, and Swedish.

All you need to do is download the app on your phone, subscribe, and then choose the language you want to learn and the lesson plan. As long as you follow the lesson plans and stay consistent, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time.