The hunt is on for alleged child killer Scully’s accomplices


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has launched an all-out manhunt for the cohorts of arrested Australian Peter Scully, who was arrested last week for producing sex and torture videos featuring vulnerable young girls.

A report posted on 24 Oras said the NBI’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division believes Scully has at least four foreign accomplices involved in his child pornography operation. The NBI believes that Scully started the depraved business sometime in 2011.

So far, have recovered numerous videos showing systematic torture on minors, including one infant – this according to NBI division head Eric Nuqui.

The skeletal remains of a young girl, age 11, was found buried in a septic tank in Scully’s old apartment in Surigao City this past Wednesday. NBI is now reporting that they have the of Scully sexually molesting the young girl – showing in fact him strangling her and whipping her with a belt while she hung upside down. Other videos found at the scene showed hot candle wax being spilled on the victim’s genitals.

NBI is also looking into the fact that parents were paid to let this happen, the department has said they will hold the parents liable for their actions as well.

“I am in the middle of preparing a very in depth, not just comment but almost a personal study on this whole history here… I have done nothing bad looking to myself and I’ll write down everything down day by day what has influenced this,”  Nuqui said.

NBI director Virgilio Mendez said Scully, if proven guilty, will face the full force of the law.

“Definitely we cannot just allow him to leave the country. He has to face the consequence. We will give and we will punish this of the rights of the innocent,” he said. 

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