Australian paid Filipino mother to sexually abuse 11-year-old daughter online

Australian paid Filipino mother to sexually abuse 11-year-old daughter online
Steven Koscak was sentenced today

An Australian who paid a Filipino woman to perform sex acts with her 11-year-old daughter online has been jailed.

A Melbourne court was also told that Steven Koscak also had sexual conversations online with underage Australian girls and asked them to send him explicit photos.


The 29-year-old pleaded guilty the offences, including a federal charge of procuring the Filipino girl to engage in sexual activity overseas.

“You communicated with the mother and insisted she be involved in sexual activity with her daughter,” Victorian County Court Judge Mark Dean said during sentencing today (Friday, August 4).

“This is a grave offence that concerns the sexual exploitation of a child in a developing nation.”


According to a report by, the years of offending came to an end when Koscak spoke online to 14-year-old called “Amber” — who was in fact an undercover police officer.

The pair engaged in a number of sexual chats during which Koscak requested explicit photos before organising to meet in person at a cafe. When he arrived at the meeting point he was arrested by the Australian Federal Police.

In mitigation, the court was told the Koscak, who was in the Army Reserve, was abused by his father and this had disrupted his childhood and development.

But he still had to be punished for his “selfish and manipulative” crimes, Judge Dean said, jailing him for three years and ordering him to serve at least 18 months before being eligible for parole.

“You engaged in the ever-growing sexual exploitation of children,” the judge said.

“Your activities must be regarded as having caused your victims harm.”

Koscak is not the first Australian jailed for the online abuse of Filipino children.

In June, we reported how Sydney hotel worker Bryan Walter Beattie, aged 44, was sentenced to a minimum of six years after being convicted of cybersex trafficking.

Beattie paid between $12 and $540 to watch and direct the rape of boys as young as eight.

The pervert watched on Skype, waving and giving thumbs-up to children as they were sexually assaulted by a man carrying out his instructions.

New South Wales District Court Judge Chris Craigie described Beattie’s crimes as “evil and morally repugnant” when handing down his sentence.

Earlier in his trial, Beattie sought to justify his crimes, saying: “Basically I previously rationalised the fact that because I wasn’t physically present I wasn’t physically committing the offences as such — I was somehow not a part of it.

“The children appeared happy… the children appeared to be receiving benefit from the actual situation.”

As we reported in May, Australia is planning a new law to bar convicted child abusers from travelling abroad over concerns that children in Southeast Asia were particularly vulnerable.