Australian man, Pinay shot dead in Olongapo


An Australian national and a Pinay were killed after they were shot dead in a car in Olongapo City on Friday morning.

According to initial information provided by Police Captain Grace Doceo, a spokeswoman for Olongapo City Police, the crime occurred at a roundabout of Ulo ng Apo, Rizal Avenue, at 10:30 in the morning.


Police identified the victims as Anthony George Wilson, 61, an Australian national, and Pinay as Mila Bailey, 41. Meanwhile, another foreigner named Wayne Bailey, 71, was also injured and was also the victims’ driver.

According to Doceo, the suspect for the shooting was also with the victims inside the car. The suspect was also a foreigner. A CCTV captured the suspect getting out of the car after the crime happened.

Suspect for shooting Australian man and Pinay arrested

Police arrested the suspect Michael McLaren in a dragnet operation.


Authorities continue to investigate the suspect’s motive on why he shot the Australian and the Pinay.

Australian arrested for brutal dog killing in Cebu

Cebu police arrested an Australian national for killing a dog brutally in Cordova, Cebu, Sunday, October 20.

Authorities arrested the sixty-year-old Australian national Reeve Peter, a resident of Cordova Cebu.

A video of Peter went viral in social where he was seen hitting the dog’s head with a hammer repeatedly.

Then Peter took the dead dog under his truck and started to crush its body with his truck.

During the Cebu police’s investigation, Peter claimed what he did to the dog was a form of “mercy killing.” He said some children in the area were poisoning the dog.

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