Australian man found dead in hotel room in Ermita, Manila


Australian National Found Dead in Hotel Room in Ermita, Manila – file photo –

An Australian man has been found dead inside a hotel room in Ermita, Manila.

Manila District-Homicide Sections said 58-year-old Kimberley James Powell was found dead by hotel staff at the Paragon Hotel Tower on A Flores Street.


Powell was discovered after a women came to visit him at the hotel. The front desk called the room Powell was staying in, but the call went unanswered.

Hotel attendant Neric John Manalo decided to knock on Powell’s hotel room door but didn’t get a reply. Manalo then decided to open the door with the hotel’s duplicate key.

Upon opening the door, Manalo and the women were met with a heavy stench and the sight of the Australian lying naked from the waist down in the bathroom.


Found with the victim was medication for hypertension and diabetes. Also found were his passport, cellphone, wristwatch and a wallet containing 3,200 pesos and various ATM cards.

An initial investigation suggests that Powell checked into the hotel on October 16. Police believe that he may have suffered a heart attack.

Though no wounds were found on the body, an autopsy was ordered.