Australian in Zambales accused of handcuffing Filipina wife and beating her

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Australian Expat in Zambales Accused of Handcuffing Pinay Wife and Beating Her –

An Australian has been arrested and charged with illegal detention and serious physical injury charges after he was caught beating his Filipina wife.

67-year-old Wayne Packham, from Castillijos, Zambales, had handcuffed his wife to a steel gate of their home and beat her. The police were responding to a call for help with they caught Packham beating Annaliza Tapion inside their home at about 7pm.


Neighbours had called the police after learning that the husband was once again beating his wife. Packham had a heated argument with his wife after supposedly returning home from a drunken night in Olongapo City.

Police said the Australian would beat his wife every time he came home drunk – but this time Annaliza decided to pack her things and leave the premises.

To prevent her from leaving, Packham dragged Annaliza to the back of the house and handcuffed her to the steel gate fence. He then grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her, her children and her parents.


Fearing for her life Annalize cried out for help. Packham then covered her mouth in packing tape.

Packham was brought to the nearby police station and detained after criminal charges were filed against him in court.